Giving the IBA SaddleSore 1000 another go

My history with the Iron Butt Association’s SaddleSore 1000 is a bit spotty, but I finally had a mostly problem-free experience doing a 1,000 miles in 24 hours ride on July 8.

FJR1300 Comparison: 2003 model vs. 2008 model

Introduction For those in the market for a used sport touring motorcycle, I could not recommend the Yamaha FJR1300 enough. It is a great bike for long-distance riding that is still enjoyable on twisty roads and is generally bulletproof reliable. I have owned both a first-generation FJR1300 (2003-2005), and currently own a second-generation model (2006-2012). I am writing this…… Continue reading FJR1300 Comparison: 2003 model vs. 2008 model